RV - Motorcycle - Classic Car

RV - Motorcycle - Classic Car


Take to the road in your motor home and choose yor own adventure.

Will you drive to camp in the mountains or to take in a sporting event?

You know the great outdoors. And with the open-ended possibilities that

lie ahead, the right insurance shouldn't be a question.

Our RV policy covers the things that are most important to you whether

you are just starting out with a brief trip, or a veteran full-timer taking

all the amenities of home with you. Standard and optional coverages include damage by stray animals, emergency expenses, trailer coverage

and more. Our specialized insurance program for motor homes provides

the kind of coverage to give you real peace of mind so you can sit back and enjoy your trip.



It's about the open road, leather and chrome, bugs in your teeth. When

you're out riding, the last thing your want to worry about is whether you

have the right insurance policy. We offer a specialized policy for your bike whether you have a cruiser, a sport bike or a trike conversion.


Standard options include Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Collision, Theft

and Vandalism. We can also cover your safety apparel-Helmets, leather gloves, optional equipment like custom paint jobs, side cars, after market parts and accessories, even towing and roadside assistance.



Often referred to as works of art, antique cars, classic cars, street rods and milestone collector cars can command prices as high as famous works of art. Like famous works of art, they tend to increase in value.


We understand that as a collector you take great pride in protecting your investment and we honor our customers with low rates and the optimum protection every day.


We Offer:

* Agreed value-no depreciation of your cars' value

* No Model Year Limitation

* Highest Liability Limits

* Automatic Coverage-for 14 days on newly acquired collectors cars

* unlimited Mileage


We also offer the following coverages:

* Personal Watercraft Insurance         * Travel Trailers

* Off Road Vehicles                              * Scooters


Give us a call today to protect your RV's - Motorcycles - and your special toys.  We can offer you great coverage at a great price.

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